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General Policies


The establishment and operation of student organizations in all colleges/units at Mariano Marcos State University are governed by the rules and regulations established by the Office of the Student Services and Development (OSSD) and approved by the BOR, as contained in the guidelines governing student organizations.


I.                     Authority to Operate

II.                   Supervision of Organization Activities

III.                  Application

IV.                Constitution and by-Laws

V.                  Certificate of Recognition

VI.                Membership

VII.               Election Procedures and Qualifications of Candidates

VIII.             Student Activities

IX.                 Fund-Raising Activities

X.                  Posting and Announcements

XI.                 Financial Report

XII.               Minutes of Organization Meetings / Accomplishment Report

XIII.              Terms of Advisership

XIV.            Officership to Major Organizations

XV.              Use of Campus Facilities

XVI.            Evening Activities

XVII.           Penal Provision



I.          AUTHORITY TO OPERATE:          Students desiring to establish, join and participate in student organizations on campus shall do so as a right subject to regulations promulgated by the University through the OSSD in return for recognition by, affiliation with, and/or support from the Director of Student Affairs.


II.         SUPERVISION OF ORGANIZATION ACTIVITIES:  It shall be the  responsibility of the Director of Student Services and Development and the Chief of Student Organizations and Publications to supervise and regulate the operations as well as the activities of all duly recognized student organizations in cooperation with/or through the Student Activities Coordinators.  This is for the purpose of providing needed guidance resources and efforts towards the attainment of the goals and objectives as envisioned in their respective constitution and by-laws.




A.         New Organizations.  Any group of at least twenty five (25) students may apply to form an organization to OSSD.  Their letter of application must be accompanied by the following:


            1.         Constitution and By-Laws

            2.         List of elected officers of the current year

            3.         Proposed program of activities/projects

            4.         Name of the faculty/adviser with his letter of acceptance addressed to the Director of the OSSD.

            5.         Names, course curriculum year and signature of the founding members.

            6.         For interest clubs, a complete list of members.


B.     Renewal of Recognized Organizations/Clubs.  All the requirements  under new  organizations except no. 1 unless there have been amendments of the Constitution and By-Laws and no. 5 shall be filed with the OSSD together with a Letter of Application for Renewal.


1.         Deadline of filing is determined by the OSSD.

2.         Late renewal and new applications later than the specified date shall not be honored.


C.        Class and Section Organizations are not required to file application for  recognition.  They shall be directly supervised by the teacher/instructor in-charge including the Dean/Principal.


IV.        CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS:  Each student organization shall have a Constitution and by-laws which shall be duly ratified by the members.  However, amendments thereof shall be done as deemed necessary.


A.         For distinction, school government in the elementary level shall be called GLESC; SBG in the secondary level; SC in the tertiary level; GSSSC in the graduate level;  and  Central Student Council (CSC), university-wide.


B.         The Constitution and By-Laws of the Student Council should be in conformity with that of the CSC serving as the umbrella organization.


            C.        Interest clubs may adopt provisions independent from that of the CSC.


V .        CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION:  The recognition of the student organization shall be a pre-condition for its operation in the University.  A corresponding Certificate of Recognition shall be issued by the OSSD upon the recommendation of the Student Affairs Coordinator and the Dean upon full compliance of the requirements herein prescribed; however, such certificate shall be effective for one (1) school year only and will have to be renewed each succeeding school year that the organization is in existence.


A.         Certificate of Recognition shall be issued to the organization only upon evaluation of the Constitution and By-Laws, Projected Activities and its Mission and Vision without violating any rules of the University and the  fundamental law of the land. The same Certificate of Registration shall be a pre-requisite in the withdrawal of the Student Body Organization (SBO) Fund.


B.         A yearly renewal of registration or re-accreditation of all student organizations shall be announced by the OSSD.


C.        Any student organization that does not renew its registration shall be automatically considered defunct.


D.         Any student organization which has been granted  institutional recognition and which violates its own  statement of purpose/constitution, or fails to comply with University policies, is liable to revocation of their certificate of recognition after an investigation to be conducted by the Chief of Student Organizations and Publication with the approval of the Director of OSSD.


VI.        MEMBERSHIP.  Membership to organizations shall be determined by the respective  student organizations as embodied in their constitution and by-laws.


A..        Membership to Student Council/SBG/GLESC is mandatory. Membership to academic organizations is also mandatory to students who are enrolled in the academic subjects/ degree programs directly related to the organization. However, membership to interest clubs is voluntary.


B.         All organizations must issue membership forms/ID to their respective constituents.


C.        Membership fees should not exceed one hundred pesos (P100.00).



VII.       ELECTION PROCEDURES AND QUALIFICATIONS OF CANDIDATES: Election procedures and filing of candidacy for any position in any of the organizations shall be in conformity  with the provisions of the constitution and by-laws of that particular organization.



A.         All programs of activities should be in line with the mission and vision of the University focused on the following areas:  educational, religious/ moral, entrepreneurial, social services, infrastructure, cultural, cleanliness/beautification/environmental concern and financial assistance.


B.         Request to hold activities must be filed to the OSSD at least five working days before the scheduled activity.  For activities to be held inside and outside the campus, the following procedures shall apply:


1.         Secure Application Form to hold an Activity at the OSSD and fill out the form properly. Request for use of campus facilities should be addressed to offices concerned.

                        2.         The signatures of the organization’s representative and faculty adviser/Student Affairs Coordinator/College Dean or High School Principal are pre-requisites.  If any of the three signatures is absent, the Director of Student Services and Development will not consider the application.


3.         Submit the completed form in triplicate for the approval of the OSSD Director.


C.        All student organizations must implement their proposed activities approved by OSSD.


D.         Only the GSSSC, SCs, SBG and GLESC have the authority to impose and collect fines.  Organizations other than the SC, SBG and GLESC shall have the option to impose fines in coordination with the aforementioned organizations.  Fines should not exceed fifty pesos (P50.00) per student per day.


E.         No student activities should be conducted one week before the Mid/ Final examinations to give time for the students to prepare for said examination.




A.         Any duly recognized student organization desiring to conduct fund-raising activity should write a letter of application to OSSD addressed to the Director thru the Chief of Student Organizations and Publication. For campuses outside Batac, the letter should be forwarded to the Office of Student Affairs Coordinator in the campus concerned.  The letter should contain the following:


                        1.         The nature and purpose of the activity.

                        2.         The date, time and venue of the activity.

                        3.         The manner in which the fund shall be used.

                        4.         Names of students directly in-charge of the fund-raising activity.


N.B.      An application for endorsement must be filed to the Office of the Mayor where  the activity will be held and the same will be forwarded to the Office of the Governor for approval at least a month before the date of the said activity.


            B.         Raffles on campus shall be governed by the following rules:


-                      Application to  conduct a fund-raising activity must be filed to the OSSD at least a week before the said activity.

-                      The application to conduct  a raffle for fund-raising must be accompanied by required government permits.

-                      The application should indicate the objects to be raffled, the price per ticket, the drawing date, the time and the place to draw.

-           A time limit of one month is allowed to any organization to raffle off the given objects.  Any extension of time should be approved by the OSSD.

-                      The list of winners must be posted in the bulletin boards in the Campus concerned.

C.        All  letters to be used for solicitation should bear the signatures of the President of the Student Organization, Adviser, SAC and the Dean.  Solicitation  letters should be properly and systematically monitored. The solicitation of funds or merchandise from off-campus groups of Business firms requires the special permission of OSSD with the governor’s permit indicated therein.




A.         All postings in and off campus should be endorsed by the SAC to the Dean concerned.  Postings include advertisements, commercial posters, assemblies and announcement provided they are not contrary to laws and school policies.


B.         Disallowed postings are advertisements from companies, political propaganda and the like, and others that may be determined by the OSSD.


C.        Each posting shall bear an approval stamp which bears an expiration date, usually the day succeeding the last event indicated in a series or the day after an activity is set and the signature of the SAC concerned.


D.         Postings should be placed on prescribed areas and bulletin boards. Painted walls, doors, posts windows, and trees should not be used for posting of any kind.  Postings on said areas will be removed and the organization concerned will be disallowed from putting up further postings.


E.         It is the responsibility of the organization to remove its postings after their expiration date.


F.          Students caught defacing, mutilating, or removing poster within their validation period shall be subjected to disciplinary sanctions.




A.         All duly recognized student organizations shall submit to the OSSD financial condition at the end of each academic year.  This report shall be duly verified and signed by the faculty adviser/SA Coordinator and College Dean or High School/Elementary Principal. The Financial Statement is a prerequisite for application for renewal. Failure to submit means non-renewal of recognition with the OSSD.


B.         Withdrawal/disbursements of funds should  be supported with a resolution indicating the purpose, estimated cost and other pertinent information. The resolution should be signed by the officers, noted by the adviser and the SAC.


C.                 All expenditures should be supported with official receipts, bearing the     name of the organization or club and specifying the item or items procured.  For photocopied materials, a  brief description of  the materials  should be indicated.  The number of receipts should correspond to the number of expenditures.


D.         The procured item should be inspected by the club auditor or another designated officer and/or the adviser. Either or both should affix his/her/their signatures on the official receipt to show that the item meets the required specification.


E.         Petty cash vouchers and delivery receipts are not acceptable replacement      of official receipts. These should be supported with official receipts.


F.                   Reimbursement Expenditure Receipts (RER) are to be filled up properly,                   complete with a witness. This is used only for items/services, which are procured/contracted from peddlers/tricycle drivers, and others who do not issue official receipts.


G.                 Any project should be subjected to a canvassing process. At least three canvass forms should be accomplished.


H.                  Upon turnover of the donated item, a deed of donation should be accomplished in quadruplicate (Club, Dean, OSSD, Supply Office) and a memorandum receipt is issued to the accountable officer/adviser.


I.                     Provisional receipts, which contain corresponding numbers should be issued if the club collects membership fees, fines and contributions.


J.                   The financial statement should contain the available beginning balance, sources of income, with a brief description of each, and expenditures. (e.g. membership fees should indicate how many members and how much is paid by each.)


K.                  As much as possible, all money should be deposited in the bank under the name of the club/organization or the president, treasurer and the adviser.




            Each organization should maintain and keep a record book containing therein minutes of meetings and resolutions discussed by the officers themselves during the official meetings. The record book shall be included in the Annual Accomplishment Report which shall be submitted to the OSSD at the end of each academic year.

            The Accomplishment Report is also a prerequisite for recognition with the OSSD. The report should contain all pertinent documents related to the performance of the student organizations within the academic year. It should bear the signatures of the adviser/s, SAC and the Dean.




            Student officers, through election, select their adviser/s from the list of nominees endorsed by the Dean. The selected adviser can only serve the same organization not exceeding two consecutive terms unless no other faculty member is available for said position. There should only be one adviser per student organization. However, two or more advisers may be allowed in the elementary and high school levels as deemed needed. In the case of the Student Council, the officers may opt to have two advisers.




            Dual positions or officership in major organizations namely: Student Council, Central Student Council and Sirmata is highly discouraged. A student should not assume two major offices at the same time. This is to eliminate conflict of interest and to maximize the involvement of the student officer to one organization only.




Recognized student organizations through their organization President or authorized representatives may avail of campus facilities for their club or class activities but only after securing the endorsement of their respective Dean/Director/Chairman/Principal addressed to the officer or administrator in-charge of the facility.




Student activities that are held in the evening should be properly arranged  and scheduled with the  Adviser, SAC and the Dean with the subsequent approval of the OSSD Director.


NOTE: Considering the distance of outside campuses from the main campus, CTE, COT, CASAT, CAF-Dingras Student Affairs Coordinators are given the permission to recommend to the Dean/Director of the college/unit for approval of any student activity and others contained in this operational procedures. Copies of said activities must be furnished to the OSSD for file purposes.




Any violation to the provisions of this guideline shall be thoroughly and properly investigated considering the extent and gravity of the offense committed. Sanctions or punishments shall only be imposed upon full disclosure of the findings of the investigating officers composed of the Student Affairs Coordinators headed by the Chief of Student Organizations and Publications. The sanction, however, shall be decided officially with the final approval of the SSD Director.