Office of Student Organizations and Publications


This office, managed by the Chief of Student Organizations and Publications oversees the conduct of various student activities in the University.


It specifically monitors and evaluates the activities of recognized student organizations and publications in coordination with the designated Student Affairs Coordinators in the different Colleges/Units.


It also initiates or coordinates seminars, symposia, workshops and other activities relevant to the students’ acquisition of knowledge, skills and values needed for effective leadership and followership, civic consciousness and environmental awareness.



Student Organizations


The University recognizes the importance of developing creative and responsible student leaders who will eventually assume the mantle of leadership in their chosen field of endeavor.  For this purpose, it seeks to encourage the formation of student groups who pursue clearly common objectives and the initiation of student-directed endeavors set up along educational, social, cultural, literary, religious, or athletic sports and recreational aspects.


Student Organizations include:  Student Governments: Graduate School Supreme Student Council (GSSSC), Student Council (SC) for college, Student Body Government (SBG) for High School, General Laboratory Elementary School Community (GLESC) for elementary;  academic organizations; and interest clubs.


General Policies


The establishment and operation of student organizations in all colleges/units at Mariano Marcos State University are governed by the rules and regulations established by the Office of the Student Services and Development (OSSD) and approved by the BOR, as contained in the guidelines governing student organizations. [ View All ]