Guidance and Counseling


In coordination with the OSSD, the colleges implement the following guidance services:


Admission Service

In coordination with the Office of Admissions headed by the University Registrar, this service contributes to the efficient screening of freshmen applicants through the administration of the College freshmen Admission Test. The CFAT is administered usually in the second and last weekend of January.


Student Orientation


This service provides students with information they need for proper adjustment and decision-making. Freshmen are oriented with the university vision, mission, goals and objectives, academic regulations, rules on student conducts conduct and discipline and other information relevant to their adjustment. Students in the upper year levels are assisted to choose their fields of specialization through the information provided by the different specialists in the field.


Information service


This is a service that creates the students awareness of the need and an active desire for accurate and valid occupational, educational and social information. The activities come in the form of seminars, workshops, for a, symposia, and group guidance and publications handled by the guidance counselors.




This service assists students to make decisions and plans on the basis of self-understanding, accepting responsibility and actions on plans developed. The university guidance program encourages the active involvement of classroom teachers to be counselors in the classroom teachers to be counselors in the classroom level because of their direct contact with the students. Aside from individual counseling by the guidance counselors, students who exhibit common problems are assisted through group and peer counseling.




This service provides assistance to students in situating themselves to their proper scholastic track, co-curricular activities, getting part-time jobs and full-time jobs after graduation. The colleges provide career orientation, job placement, job fair, fieldtrips, simulated activities and trainings to prepare the students in their choice of specializations, in handling practicum or on-the-job training, in passing competitive examinations and in succeeding in their job search. For the undergraduate level, educational placement is done through assistance in the choice of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.




This service is undertaken as systematic evaluation of whether the guidance service in particular and the educational program in general have satisfied the needs of students. Through evaluation and research, the needs of student are identified to which proper intervention is maid. In this service, student’s academic performance is followed up in coordination with the subject teacher, section adviser, program adviser and the College Registrar.




Students are also encouraged to gain further knowledge of their personality through the Testing Service. Several psychological tests are administered on a voluntary basis upon the request of the student except in cases when test data are needed for counseling intervention.