Duties and Responsibilities


Every student shall:


  1. Love God and his fellowmen as he loves himself.
  2. Strive to lead a virtues and useful life.
  3. Observe the Code of Student Conduct promulgated by the university.
  4. Do his best to develop his potentials for service, specially by undergoing an education suited to his abilities so that he may become an asset to society.
  5. Respect the customs and traditions of our people, its duly constituted authorities, the laws of the land, and the rules and policies of the university.
  6. Participate actively in civic affairs and in the promotion of the general welfare and in the attainment of a just, orderly and compassionate society.
  7. Help in the exercise of individual and social rights, the strengthening of freedom, and enhancement of cooperation among communities and regions in the pursuit of national progress.
  8. Uphold the academic and moral integrity of the university by trying to achieve excellence and moral uprightness.
  9. Promote and preserve the peace and order in the university by observing the rules on discipline and harmonious relationship with fellow students and with the university personnel.
  10. Exercise his rights responsively in the knowledge that he is answerable to God for any violation of the general welfare and of the rights of the others.