The Central Student Council


Declaration of Principles and Objectives

Section 1.

The CSC shall adhere to the principles of democracy


Section 2.

            The CSC shall be autonomous, democratic and representative.


Section 3.

            The CSC shall represent the studentry and shall participate in the governance of the Mariano Marcos State University particularly in the determination of school policies directly affecting the students.


Section 4.

            The CSC shall have the sole right to determine its policies and programs on student activities subject to the provisions of its Constitution and By-Laws. It shall be free from any external and internal pressures.


Section 5.

            The CSC shall have the following objectives:


  • Protect the rights and dignity of the students of the Mariano Marcos State University;
  • Coordinate matters concerning the different College Student Councils, High School Body Governments and the Laboratory Elementary School Council and all Interest Clubs of the University;
  • Represent the interests of the studentry to the Board of Regents and other policy-making bodies of the University.