Basic Discipline


Students shall observe , at all times, the laws of the land and the rules and regulations of the university.


No disciplinary proceedings shall be instituted except for conduct prohibited by laws or by rules and regulations promulgated by the duly constituted authorities of the university.


When a student is accepted in any college or unit of the university, a binding contract is establish between him and MMSU whereby both agree to conform to the laws of the land and to the rules and regulations of the university. Upon his registration, the student assumes all his duties and responsibilities toward the country, the university, the college or unit where he belongs, the university personnel and his fellow students.


A student shall be subject to disciplinary action for committing any of the following offenses:

Major Offenses

  1. Cheating in examinations and/or any act of dishonesty like forging and/or tampering academic or offcial records or documents.
  2. Carrying firearm or deadly weapon within the university premises, as long as this shall not apply to bladed items which are needed in connection with instruction, experiments and field work which have prior permit from the dean/director or instructor of the college/unit.
  3. Drinking liqour or drunken behavior within the university premises.
  4. Unauthorized or illegal possesion or use/distribution of prohibited drugs, chemicals or substances like marijuana, rugby, shabu, opiates, heroine, ecstasy or any of its form.
  5. Gambling within the university premises.
  6. Conducting illegal activities like hazing or harmful initiation rites.
  7. Creating and/or participating in disorder, tumultous, or other serious disturbances such as illegal assembly and demonstrations with violence within the uiversity premises.
  8. Intentionally making false statements, practicing or attempting to practice any deception, fraud or forgery in connection with his admission and graduation from the university.
  9. Bringing the name of the university in shame.
  10. Willful destruction or vandalism of university properties or properties belonging to personnel, students or visitors while in campus.
  11. Commission of a minor offense for the third time.
  12. Committing acts of lasciviousness. within the campus.
  13. Willfull and habitual disregard of the established policies and regulations.
  14. Inflicting physical injuries tp personnel, students, or visitors within the campus.
  15. Threatening another to inflict injury upon his personn honor, property, or any act amounting to a crime.
  16. Physical attact on a person by reason of his office.
    Stealing or any attempt thereof.
  17. Any other form of serious misconduct.


Sanctions for Major Offense

The gravity of the offense, the circumstances attending to its commission and the frequency of the act shall determine the nature of the disciplinary action or penalty to be imposed under this category in which case the sanctions below shall be applied:

  1. Suspension for a maximum period not exceeding 20 percent of the prescribed school days.
  2. Probation with automatic suspension for the rest of the semester.
  3. Suspension for one semester.
  4. Suspension for two semesters.
  5. Dismissal or dropping from the university upon which the transfer credentials of the offender shall be issued immediately.
  6. Expulsion.


Minor Offense

A student shall be subjected to disciplinary sction for committing any of the following minor offenses:

  1. Open and public display of arrogance and disrespect to school authorities and other personnel.
  2. Disrupting one's class or that of others by shouting, whistling, running,  raucous unrestrained laughter and other similar disturbances.
  3. Causing and/or participating in verbal tussles and other minor disturbances within the university premises.
  4. Using other's ID card or lending one's ID card to another.
  5. Any other form of minor misconduct.